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McNealy Talk

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STIRR Mixer 2.2 wrapup: This month we had three firsts. Our first talk by a Silicon Valley legend, the first time the room was so silent for 10mins you really could hear a pin drop, and our first time someone gamed the Audience Choice Awards. More on each to follow, but first let’s visit the presenters on the DemoStage:

DemoStage 2.2 Presenters:

Attendio, Gerardo Capiel, CEO

Attendio recommends events to you via the web, your calendar, SMS and email.

Collaborative Drug Discovery, Barry Bunin, President

customizable, web-based database to help scientists more effectively develop new drug candidates for commercial and humanitarian markets.

Confabb, Salim Ismail, Chairman

Confabb is the world’s largest database of conferences. It is also a full-service hosting platform for conferences including speaker ratings/reviews, calendaring, feeds, and more.

JobCoin, Keith Schacht, CEO

JobCoin makes it easy for any Web site to add its own custom job board. This provides a new content to visitors and allows employers to reach talent that is not browsing traditional job boards.

The guest host for 2.2:


Rafe Needleman, Editor at Large


To keep STIRR events free for the entrepreneurs and the presenters, STIRR relies on generous sponsors. This month’s sponsor was Sun Microsystems and their Startup Essentials program. More about Sun and the Startup Essentials program at the end of this article.

Scott McNealy’s talk:

Valley legend Scott McNealy joined us for 2.2. When Scott took the stage, it was the first time in STIRR’s 11 month history the room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

Scott’s reputation proceeds him. In the valley he’s been known for being controversial, brash, loved by his employees, outspoken and not afraid to make enemies of his competitors. Besides helping bootstrap the entire workstation market from zero, in the web 1.0 timeframe Scott took on Microsoft, and unlike Netscape, Sun survived to tell about it. For STIRR Scott put on the charm and had some solid advice to share. Our only regrets were not getting a longer Q&A to talk about the early days of getting Sun off the ground. Here are some of his insights paraphrased:


  1. Hire smart people who get along with each other.

  2. Your business has “got to be controversial,” otherwise everybody will do the same thing you do.

  3. Don’t cheat (even if nobody’s looking). It’s the little cheats/quiet-deals that demoralize a smart team.

  4. Manage through slogans (aka “The Network is the Computer”)

  5. Your competing firms are your enemy, but not their people. “They threaten our existence as a company”

and more gems and anecdotes in the talk. We’ll get the video online shortly for all to share.

Audience Choice Award:

Starting in January, the STIRR audience has been selecting one lucky winner to win a SUN x2200 M2 Server. This month there was a surprise in store for everyone and being the social engineers at heart that we are we were impressed with some blatant social engineering. As we were gearing up to measure the audience applause, one of the contestants shouted “and we’ll buy everyone free drinks if we win!”. Well, they won by a landslide, a score 10db louder on the meter than the other 3 contestants. Right after receiving their award the winner shouted “ok, but we’ll buy drinks _after_ we get funding”. The crowd let out a resounding ‘Boo’ and we all had a chuckle watching the mock drama unfold. We’ve talked with the winning team, and they are going to live up to their original promise. First round of drinks are free for
everyone at Mixer 2.3, and we’ll hit ‘em up for free drinks all night the month after they get funding, so come on down.
Thank you Confabb!

Video Coverage:

Courtesy of

Click Here For Video

Words from the attendees:

  • Once again it was STIRR’s time to shine as the Bay Area’s premier event for CEOs, founders, VC’s, engineers, entrepreneurs, media, and bloggers.

    with video. Courtesy of Brian Solis, Nandor Fejer, and the Bubbalicious Crew

  • But the Stirr events are really excellent. Great energy in the room. Lots of deals happening. Nice location. And good startups…

    Courtesy of Rafe Needleman (one of 4 articles)

  • Down the Avenue – Renee Blodgett

    The turnout as always was high and the mix, an interesting blend of start-up entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, bloggers and those who move in a few circles…

  • Courtesy Jeremiah Owyang

Mixer 2.2 Sponsor:

STIRR survives and thrives through great sponsors. Mixer 2.2 was funded by Sun Microsystems, which announced on February 13, 2007 new Solaris 10 OS tools and technologies as well as an expanded, startup-friendly Sun Startup Essentials Program that make it easier for developers and startups to create Web applications. Sun announced Solaris Express, Developer Edition. the first release of a free new distribution based on the OpenSolaris project, providing developers with an integrated environment optimized for developing Solaris, Java, and Web 2.0-based applications on commodity desktop and laptop hardware. Sun also helps simplify development and speed deployment of secure Web-based applications and services with easy access to an AMP — Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python — stack recently optimized for the Solaris 10 OS. And the Sun Startup Essentials Program includes new features to help startup companies conserve cash, accelerate their development cycle on Solaris, Linux or Windows, and speed time to market. The program, which already provided discounts up to 60% on its enterprise-grade servers, was expanded to add Sun’s storage products at discounts of up to 70%, as well as free email support from Sun’s technical experts, and easy access to Sun’s free software. You can sign-up for Sun Startup Essentials here.

More Sun Startup Essentials details:

  • Free software – get popular opensource infrastructure software, such as Apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP, postgres, Tomcat, etc.—all optimized for the Solaris operating system, and all free and ready to download.
  • Discounted servers – get deep discounts on CoolThreads servers, x64 servers featuring AMD Opteron processors, and x64 and SPARC workstations.
  • Discounted storage – get deep discounts on Sun StorageTek network and direct attached storage appliances, plus a Storage Area Network and Direct Attach Storage product enabling startups to start small and add capacity as needed
  • Startups Ask Sun – get answers to your questions about architecture or Sun products and technologies from Sun engineering experts.

Mixer 2.3 is March 21st

Invites will be rolling out shortly. If your company or a startup that you know is ready to launch and would like to present please see:

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