Founders Mixer 2.3 Wrapup

Wrike on Stage at Mixer 2.3

The presenters:

Buxfer, Ashwin Bharambe, Founder

Buxfer an online shared alternative to Quicken.

Criteo, Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, CEO

A real-time personalized recommendation engine.

Metaweb, Jamie Taylor, Minister of Information a home to a global knowledge base.

Wrike, Andrew Filev, Founder marries web and e-mail, so you can easily work with your peers on plans and get things done.

The guest host for 2.3:


Rafe Needleman, Editor at Large

To keep STIRR events free for the entrepreneurs and the presenters, STIRR relies on generous sponsors. This month’s sponsor was Sun Microsystems and their Startup Essentials program. More about Sun and the Startup Essentials program at the end of this article.

The wrapups:

The photos:

Mixer 2.3 Exclusive Sponsor:

STIRR thrives through great sponsors. Mixer 2.3 was sponsored by Sun Microsystems, and their Sun Startup Essentials Program. Sun announced Solaris Express, Developer Edition. the first release of a free new distribution based on the OpenSolaris project, providing developers with an integrated environment optimized for developing Solaris, Java, and Web 2.0-based applications on commodity desktop and laptop hardware. Sun also helps simplify development and speed deployment of secure Web-based applications and services with easy access to an AMP — Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python — stack recently optimized for the Solaris 10 OS. And the Sun Startup Essentials Program includes new features to help startup companies conserve cash, accelerate their development cycle on Solaris, Linux or Windows, and speed time to market. The program, which already provided discounts up to 60% on its enterprise-grade servers, was expanded to add Sun’s storage products at discounts of up to 70%, as well as free email support from Sun’s technical experts, and easy access to Sun’s free software. You can sign-up for Sun Startup Essentials here.

More Sun Startup Essentials details:

  • Free software – get popular opensource infrastructure software, such as Apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP, postgres, Tomcat, etc.—all optimized for the Solaris operating system, and all free and ready to download.
  • Discounted servers – get deep discounts on CoolThreads servers, x64 servers featuring AMD Opteron processors, and x64 and SPARC workstations.
  • Discounted storage – get deep discounts on Sun StorageTek network and direct attached storage appliances, plus a Storage Area Network and Direct Attach Storage product enabling startups to start small and add capacity as needed
  • Startups Ask Sun – get answers to your questions about architecture or Sun products and technologies from Sun engineering experts.

Mixer 2.4 is April 11st

If your company or a startup that you know is ready to launch and would like to present please see:

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