Founded in 2006, STIRR connects early stage entrepreneurs with peers, startup veterans, and key members of the valley ecosystem to help accelerate their ventures and build a strong peer support network. STIRR is a volunteer organization and supported by a group of generous entrepreneur friendly sponsors.

Team STIRR (US):

Sanford Barr, Exec. Director / Co-Founder
Sean Ness, Director, Co-Founder (Institute for the Future)
Dan Arkind, Director, Co-Founder (JobScore)
Christine Herron, PitchLab (also: Intel Capital)
Melanie Sit, Lead Coordinator
Laura Merling, Advisor (Former Exec Director of SDForum)
Nathan Dintenfass, Founder of PitchLab, HAAS Fellow


STIRR is international. If you’re in Canada, please visit STIRR Canada. The Australia team moved to the Bay Area but we hope to be back down under someday soon. If you’re a current founder of a high-tech startup or former startup member with a successful exit under your belt and you’d like to start a STIRR chapter in your region, please contact us.


STIRR hosts high-quality public and private entrepreneur events in the bay area with a focus on founding teams. STIRR limits the number of vendors and non-founders in attendence. STIRR only accepts Sponsors that can add significant value to early-stage startup companies.

STIRR’s generous sponsors include: Sun Microsystems, Wilmer Hale, Gabriel Venture Partners, First Round Capital, Square One Bank, Charles River Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Guidewire Group, Felicis Ventures, SoftTechVC, AboveNet, Pivotal Labs, and other great entrepreneur focused firms.

If you’d like to sponsor STIRR, please contact sponsors@stirr.net.

[Note: STIRR is not running events or seeking sponsorship at this time]

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