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San Jose Mercury News – “Few Places schmooze with the intensity of Silicon Valley. Consider the scene the other night at Trader Vic’s in Palo Alto. More than 200 people — mostly startup entrepreneurs and their guests, plus a contingent of venture capitalists — assembled for an event dubbed “Founder Hacks,” staged by STIRR. The group is part of the vanguard of the valley’s tech-biz social scene, now boasting bloggers and camera crews posting video on the Web…”

STIRR Swings into the Holiday SeasonSTIRR has outdone themselves, yet again, with this year’s elegant and stylish Holiday Soiree in San Francisco. It summoned the a-listers and the up-and-coming entrepreneurs alike, and everything in between. All adorned suits and gowns – who knew geeks cleaned up so well. Champagne flowed, chocolate paired, conversations planted clusters of entrepreneurs in their place, and Lavay Smith decorated the ambiance with sultry swing.”

Stay Classy San Francisco: “Can a city go, in a year, from geek to chic? Unlikely. But consider this: A year ago, Stirr held its holiday mixer in the Exploratorium, a children’s museum full of science exhibits. This year, the place was the Julia Morgan Ballroom in the Merchants’ Exchange Building, right on the California Street cable-car line. Last night, as I made my way in, I was thinking to myself, “2007, or 1907?” Alas, the aura of gilded-era chic didn’t last much past the elevator ride up to the 15th floor. The first person I met was ubiquitous egoblogger Robert Scoble. Check out our gallery for pictures of actually-not-bad swing dancing — Stirr cofounder Sanford Barr, above, showed off his moves — and people in formal attire playing Wii.”

Julia Morgan Ballroom Elevates Startup Scene Thanks to STIRR.: “Sanford Barr, Sean Ness, and Dan Arkind have outdone themselves. The amazing organization of guests and kind hearted sponsors benefitted as well by mingling with the big personas that attended such as Robert Scoble and Brian Solis. The special details that kept on coming throughout the night were hors d’oerves from Chef Paul, Lavay Smith performing, and magician Robert Strong. It was obvious that everyone enjoyed their evening with these special touches that were promised and delivered by the thoughtful men of STIRR. Gold Sponsors Felicis Ventures, Gabriel Venture Partners, and Sun Microsystems made this event possible and I for one appreciate their support. After a night like last night, I would have to go way back to my college Prom in Manhattan to compare the venue.”

STIRR Shakes Up San Francisco, “Wednesday night brought back one of the new pillars of the sociable startup community at San Francisco’s Mighty. With hundreds of people in attendance, one can see that entrepreneurship is alive and well. STIRR featured three startups for their Founders Hacks II session, an intimate look at founders’ experiences in starting their companies. The three featured companies were Scott Rafer’s Lookery, Patrick Koppula’s Vadver, and James Courier’s OoogaLabs to give their play by play moves from their ‘Pages from the Unwritten Playbook’. There were also three new companies demonstrating their online gusto (more on that later).”

2.2 Founders’ Mixer: “Once again it was STIRR’s time to shine as the Bay Area’s premier event for CEOs, founders, VC’s, engineers, entrepreneurs, media, and bloggers. Alison McNeill, Chandra Hardester, and Nandor Fejer were on hand to capture the evening for the next installment of tv. Attendees were treated to a Q&A with Scott McNealy from Sun – which surely strengthened STIRR’s position as the area’s most prominent source for top-tier networking. And those companies brave enough to endure STIRR’s trademark 60-Second Spot, where now further pressured with the audience of an applause meter! Rafe Needleman of Cnet and Webware continues his reign as the host/moderator and the room’s most respected reporter.”

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