PitchLab Testimonials

“I was surprised how helpful the PitchLab session was to me. I got constructive advise on the pitch and on several aspects of the business plan. I highly recommend a PitchLab session to any start-up entrepreneur”

– Guilherme Leal, CEO ShoppingPath.com
“The STIRR Pitch lab gave me the best feedback I’ve received to date – and this includes pitching to top tier VCs and several angels. I highly recommend the process for anyone looking to hone their pitch and get excellent, useful referrals as well”

– Nate Pagel, CEO
“I got much more out of the Pitch Lab than I expected. It was more than the usual superficial feedback that people typically give when asked to review a slide deck. The astute, honest feedback on our business model, team, approach, positioning and business strategy made me re-think and revisit many issues that the founders of the company had
already been discussing as a team. I’d definitely like to go back again with our revamped presentation — this time with a tape recorder to capture the commentary from the panel.”

– Giselle Bisson, Co-founder, Earthgrid.tv
“As a first-time founder of software company in the process of raising seed capital, the PitchLab was an excellent forum to get a reality check on how prepared we really are to get in front of VC’s. The PitchLab team asked the right questions, were direct in their critique and helped me step outside my environment to take a new look at my company’s marketing strategy and financial positioning. What we accomplished in a couple hours will have a direct impact on how I approach our presentation and positioning for venture funding.”

– Tom Contreras, Founder
“The STIRR PitchLab process combined comprehensive feedback with a creative discussion – providing the insights I needed to recraft our company’s pitch as an early stage investment opportunity.”

– Bryan Calkins, Founder

“As a first-time founder, I received valuable and specific suggestions from the STIRR PitchLab that helped strengthen and focus my pitch. It was energizing to receive the full attention of a motivated and intelligent group in a risk-free setting, and I’d highly recommend the STIRR PitchLab to entrepreneurs.”

– Ranjit Padmanabhan, Founder

What is PitchLab?

PitchLab is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get candid feedback about their investment pitch in a no-risk environment. Participants present their pitch to people who have been part of investment pitches themselves on one or both sides of the table.

Who Should Apply for PitchLab?

If you are a founder with a plan that needs investment, and you plan to start fundraising from venture capitalists and/or angel investors within the next couple of months, PitchLab is for you. It is also useful for people who have already started fundraising but would like to make changes to their approach or want a sanity check.

What is the Criteria For Being Selected?

PitchLab applicants are selected based on their readiness to raise money from angel and/or venture investors, availability of PitchLab slots, and the potential value the applicant will get from participating.

Why Would I Want to Participate In the Pitch Lab?

Founders use PitchLab as an opportunity to hone their story and to get frank feedback from people who have been there before. PitchLab is a unique opportunity to do a “dress rehearsal” of your pitch, to practice answering common questions, and to get feedback about holes or other changes you should consider in your presentation before making the rounds in the investment community.

What Does the Pitch Lab Cost?

PitchLab costs you nothing — STIRR provides it as a service to the entrepreneurial community.

[Note: As of 2010 Pitchlab is no longer hosting advisory sessions]